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It’s our turn, let’s not disappoint, let’s go out and do what we need to do to try and get our message across… We have all of this shit… and that’s fine but at the end of the day what are we doing to actually help other people?” These are Cameron’s pull quotes from the magazine story. Would you say they accurately reflect his persona?

I think that Cameron was aware that his generation is being left with a mess to clean up, but he also believed that his generation is up to the task.  He would make it clear that he would walk the walk and add some incentive and sweat equity. Cameron was all about caring and giving to others. He was keenly aware of the impact of kindness, positivity, and encouragement.

How did Cameron become involved in activism and humanitarianism?

Cameron’s mom is a social worker who works with people experiencing homelessness.  His grandmother was one of the Clinton 12, the first black students to integrate a high school in the south. His great grandfather came from Russia (Lithuania) as a young teenager because they were persecuted as jews.  He was always exposed to people who are disenfranchised and oppressed. It was something about humanity that did not make sense to him, so he knew he had a voice and a platform for positive change. 

How would he bridge today’s chasm between the extremes? On gun control for instance?

We are pretty sure he would be using his voice and partnering with agencies that have the potential for real change. He would speak to young adults and let them know there are so many alternatives to negativity and violence.

Do you see evidence of his amazing energy and positivity having a lasting effect on his fans? Is that his greatest achievement?

We hope that his greatest achievement will be finding a cure for epilepsy.  However, his positive and loveable energy definitely rubbed off on his fans. We hear from many of them that he changed their life.  His work here on earth has had a ripple effect that we hope will last forever. We are working hard to ensure that many of his goals/wishes come to fruition.

Do you believe some of today’s seemingly intractable problems will ease once the younger generation take the reins?

Simply put-YES. However, we are also realistic that people are a product of their environments and there are still many hateful environments. Vic and I hope that people become mixed enough to one day not have the means to feel superior or threatened by others who look different. Cameron was all about “No Labels”. He wished people would not ask or care about other people’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. It shouldn’t matter…we are all human and it is important to love and unite as a people.

What is your hope for the future of the Cameron Boyce Foundation?

Our hope is that we cure epilepsy, and positively impact many young people by giving them lots of creative outlets by encouraging peace, unity, empathy, and humanity. 

THE CAMERON BOYCE FOUNDATION honors his legacy by reducing gun violence and curing epilepsy through digital campaigns, programmatic partnerships and financial support. “We believe that all young people should be empowered to change the world.” Co-founders, Cameron’s parents Victor and Libby Boyce, open up about their son, his powerful voice and their hopes that his legacy will live on and grow.

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