Home dish Foreclosure


by devnym

by Peter Kougias

I never meant it to fall through the cracks
in the floorboards that built
our home.

I unlock the front door
when the sun goes down.

Dinner served on your grandmother’s china,
my efforts swirlin’ down the sink.

The box flashes black & white…in dismay.

Crawling under our covers
the light stays on, so
you won’t trip on the night stand… again

Up before dawn,
gulping from the bathroom tap;
your side still neatly tucked.

Bedtime shivers win.

Morning comes. You haven’t.
Your breakfast. Just concern for me.
(Your face not on the news (yet), thankfully.)

24 hours spun a week’s time
to spring a month’s pay
to foreclose a year sighted journey.

I wake. I work. I shower. I eat.
I break. I work. I read. I sleep.

Wake. Work. Shower. Eat.
Break. Work. Read. Sleep.

I wake. I skim. I eat.
I breathe.

A sign… anything.

I dream your thoughts.
and Imagine you coming back…

But the driveway ends at the road,
while it travels and speeds down my heart.

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