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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

by devnym

Those lazy, sexy days of summer are upon us, and daytime libations are the socially acceptable order of the day. We day-drink because it’s fun; we do it to celebrate the warm weather (much more appealing than grey winter days) and, let’s be honest, to flirt. However, since drinking before 3 p.m. might just threaten impropriety, our choices must maintain that oh-so-delicate balance between class and downright debauchery. So let’s raise a glass (or two) of a fine, summery Prosecco, a light Italian sparkling wine that also happens to be surrounded with trendy, hip connotations.

Usually made from 100% Glera grapes, Prosecco has a nice, clean, smooth effervescence with simple notes and an intense aroma. It is obviously not Champagne, which usually has more complex notes and larger bubbles, but a more flippant alternative to the French version which, let’s face it, has a stuffier ring about it. Nowadays, there’s even a new line of Prosecco on tap that stays fresh longer, making it more environmentally sustainable than ever before. As could probably go without saying, eco-friendly is very ‘in’ right now. Prosecco’s smaller bubbles keep it lighter and more enjoyable for an afternoon drink. It also makes it easier to pair with food, as it doesn’t battle or clash with flavor.

Because of its fine carbonation, Prosecco must be enjoyed while it is extremely fresh and crisp. Pour from a bottle and enjoy the same day, because if left opened overnight it will be disgusting and flat when you need it the next day. This is one of the main perks of getting Prosecco on tap. It is guaranteed to stay fresh for 65 days. 65 days!

Even though the environmental upside* of—well, anything—is very trendy at the moment, places with Prosecco on tap are more so. In NYC, they are all hip, well-decorated, upscale, and for a younger crowd. Prosecco is also one of the most fitting summer day drinks as it doesn’t have the weightiness of a spirit like a whiskey or tequila – think of an old-fashioned or a margarita or even the Bloody Mary (which can be too spicy or thick).

Day-drinking Prosecco is more along the lines of getting a beer, without the crazy amount of calories and with a classier appeal; It’s just an easy choice for a pleasing drink that’s simple and chic that doesn’t intrude on your day. And if you’re looking for something sweeter, brands like Frizzenti offer a Rosato Prosecco from the tap with a fruitier, raspberry-like palette that’s tangy but smooth. It lacks the ‘you can’t sit with us’ snootiness of champagne, and when served from the tap with that newly-opened-bottle freshness every time, this light and bubbly, environmentally friendly, and refreshing summer indulgence answer every girl’s – and boy’s – dreams of drinking responsibly, even while you’re simply being a daytime lush. Cheers!

* It’s nice to know you are doing what you can for the environment with your drink choice. Eliminating the waste of bottles, corks, labels, weekly delivery trucks, and so on, is an overall step in the greener direction. Reusable kegs also help reduce your carbon footprint.

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