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Moves Forum 2022 & Women’s Equality Day

by devnym


Climate Change is the most devastating crisis facing the human race today. Disaster on an unimaginable scale is looming… …and we still hesitate to take action.

Keynote: Debra Messing, Activist and actor, (‘Will & Grace’)
Special Performances:
River Sage, Singer Songwriter; 
Meera Dasgupta, 2020 United States, Youth Poet Laureate

Supported By:
U.S. Army, Elements Truffles, Poulsen Shagalov, 180 Maiden Lane, Anderson Contemporary, AMC Networks, Bols Amsterdam

Panel 1 - "2030 - It Is Just Too Late For Us"

How the younger generations will bear the brunt of the inaction to combat climate change.

Moderator: Alisa Petrosova, Artist & Climate Storyteller
Panelists: Nadiya Khalif, Earth Up Rising; Meera Dasgupta, 2020 US Youth Poet Laureate;  Ajani Stella, Kids Fight Climate Change; Vincent Vertuccio, Climate Activist

Panel 2 - "Lights, Camera, Action... Now!"

The Inflation Reduction Act: What are we doing right now and what MORE can we do? Whywomen are such a powerful force of change?

Moderator: Moonah Ellison, Publisher
Panelists: Nicola Armacost Mayor, Hastings-on-Hudson Livia De Daolis Director, ‘The Lost Girls’; Victoria Harmon CEO, VL Harmon Advisors; Michelle Li Founder, Clever Carbon, Women & Climate

Panel 3 - "Today Is The Day"

It’s Women’s Equality Day: or how the US ARMY overcame gender prejudice. Plus The Role That Women Play In Climate Action.

Moderator: Moonah Ellison, Publisher
Panelists: Gena Pemberton, Omnicom Health Group; Maj. Blondene Goulbourne, US ARMY; Seema Lisa Pandya, Artist;  Livia De Paolis, Actress, director, screenwriter, producer

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