Moves Power Women 2021

Empowered Women... Empower Women.

Jasmin Allen

Senior Vice President HENNESSY U.S. LVMH

“Put your money where your mouth is and invest. It’s not enough to say you support gender equality if your payroll or your gender breakdown of employees, or the marketing and advertising of your product/ services, don’t reflect that commitment.”

Laurie Segall

Anchor, Producer 60 MINUTES+, CBS

“It’s not just about having a position for a woman so you can check off your list. This actually impacts your business bottom line.”

Ramona Hood

President & CEO, Custom Critical, FedEx

“A Power Woman is someone who is authentic and intentionally creates a pathway for others. Authenticity is important because you should always show up and be yourself even when it gets hard to do so. It is important as a leader to be courageous and bold enough to create a path for others that is smoother for those who follow you.”

Kelley Carter

Fashion Director, BLOOMINGDALE’S

“This is a huge societal problem and issue [asking salary requirements in job interviews], and I am heartened that many companies are moving away from this practice. But as it stands right now, we as women still need to continue to be our own best advocates. Know your worth and ask for more.”

Michele Corning

SMSGT, Senior Training Consultant, United States Air Force Recruiting, U.S. AIR FORCE

“… accepting and empowering other women. Taking are the most important qualities for a Power Woman.”

Sandra Lopez


“I always tell people new business is never easy, but because you are creating new business models and forging new relationships, there’s no playbook.”

Helen Aboah


“To support and increase the presence of women in high level positions will require a shift from commitment to action. With that in mind, companies should give more women the opportunities to cultivate the skills necessary for such a role.”

Molly Langenstein


“You do not have to have all the answers… you just need to ask all the right questions.”

Dondra Ritzenthaler


“… as women, we have to be resilient. We are managing work and home and kids, and we get our balls thrown to us all the time. We’ve got to be resilient in managing all of those things and keep on shining through it.“

Kristen Campbell

General Counsel & Chief ESG Officer HILTON

“The data on this is clear, the more diversity on boards and at executive levels, the better the bottom line. Encouraging women to lead in these roles is not the challenge. Rather it is the cadre or two below the executive level where we need to increase engagement and development as this is where we see women tend to give up the pursuit…”

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