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Stephanie Vies, a name
familiar to many in the
media world, has not
only charted a remarkable 
course in journalism

but also embarked on a
fascinating personal

Stephanie Vies: A Journey Through the World of Media

Stephanie Vies, a name familiar to many in the media world, has not only charted a remarkable course in journalism but also embarked on a fascinating personal journey. While her career in journalism has taken her through the ever-evolving landscapes of news reporting, it’s not the only remarkable journey she’s undertaken. In a candid interview, Stephanie provides insights into her diverse career path, life experiences, and the evolving media industry. And as the conversation meanders from her Italian wedding through picturesque landscapes to her insights on the media world, we discover a remarkable individual with a tale that goes far beyond the boundaries of a traditional newsroom.

A Multifaceted Journey

Her journey into journalism is far from conventional. She didn’t enter the field with a grand plan but rather allowed fate to guide her. “I was one of those high school kids that didn’t know what I wanted to be,” Stephanie explains. Her passion for international experiences led her on a winding path. She initially worked in tourism, seeking adventure and exploration. However, this was only the beginning of her diverse journey.
“I learned a lot, I explored, and then I came to the United States,” Stephanie continues. In the U.S., she pursued a degree in international relations and envisioned herself working as an international correspondent. It was only after experimenting with various fields, including tourism, production, writing, and assignment work, that she found her true calling in journalism. Her journey was a testament to the importance of staying open-minded. Stephanie’s story reminds us that sometimes, our path in life isn’t a straight line. By embracing opportunities and being flexible, she discovered her passion and carved a successful career in journalism. 

A Career Full of Surprises

Stephanie’s career has been anything but predictable. She has explored different facets of the media industry, from reporting on breaking news to hosting her own food-related segments. One of her most memorable experiences was covering the “plane landing on the Hudson.” This was an unexpected turn of events that required her to leap into action with little preparation. “It was a textbook breaking news day,” she recalls. This experience highlights the unpredictable nature of journalism, where you can go from a regular day at the office to a high- intensity breaking news situation in a matter of moments. Her career is a testament to the diverse opportunities that journalism offers. Stephanie has worked in various fields within media, and she has found something to appreciate in each of them. Her versatility has allowed her to connect with different audiences and explore a wide range of topics, from weather reporting to food segments. 

Future Aspirations

Her journey is far from over. While she is passionate about her career in journalism, she envisions a more personal project on the horizon. Her dream is to own a bed and breakfast in a peaceful setting, where she can host and interact with travelers. This desire to transition into the hospitality industry represents her evolving interests and a longing for a more serene and personal venture. She anticipates a shift from a bustling city life to a quieter, more fulfilling future. 

Navigating the Digital Landscape 

In a world where information travels at the speed of light, Stephanie acknowledges the transformative power of social media. She discusses the evolution of journalism and its adaptation to the digital age. Social media platforms have not only changed the way news is shared but also expanded the role of journalists. They now have the opportunity to engage with their audience in real time, offering a more interactive and in-depth news experience.
Stephanie emphasizes the impact of social media platforms like Facebook and Citizens App, which allow journalists to access a wealth of user-generated content during breaking news events. This not only enhances the speed of news coverage but also provides a multifaceted perspective on unfolding events. 

Female Representation in the Media

Stephanie also touches on the progress of female representation in the media. While there may still be disparities in pay and other aspects of the industry, the credibility and influence of women in media have significantly increased. Female journalists are no longer seen merely as decorative additions to male anchors. They hold powerful positions and are recognized for their contributions in various fields, including sports reporting. Stephanie believes that gender diversity is essential for balanced and well-rounded conversations, and she highlights the growing number of women in leadership roles across different industries, including politics.

Words of Wisdom 

All-embracing, Stephanie offers valuable advice to those aspiring to enter the media space. She emphasizes the importance of remaining open-minded, as one’s initial career expectations may evolve over time. She encourages aspiring journalists to embrace the tools provided by social media, allowing them to start building their skills and personal brand while still students. Stephanie under- scores the benefits of making connections and networking within the industry, as these relationships can be invaluable in one’s professional journey. Stephanie Vies is an example of a journalist who has navigated the ever-changing landscape of media with adaptability and a forward-looking perspective. Her journey, marked by twists and turns, serves as an inspiration for aspiring journalists and demonstrates that the path to success is rarely a straight line. Stephanie’s career and aspirations reflect the limitless possibilities available in the world of journalism and media.

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