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Hiding in Plain Sight

by devnym

Photography:  Farnaz K


top: Cres E Diem
skirt: Kotoba

jacket: Alax W. Diamond
pants: Alax W. Diamond


sweater: Kotoba

top: Alax W. Diamond
shorts: Kotoba
shoes: Maloles
necklace: Circa Sixty Three


dress: Ivana Helsinki

jacket: Alax W. Diamond
pants: Alax W. Diamond

Photography:  Farnaz K, www.farnazk.com
Stylist:  Sherah Jones
Makeup:  Jen Navaro,  Jump Management
Hair:  Seiji Uehara,  Ennis Inc
Model:  Carolina Thelin, Women Model Management
Photo Assistant:  Mathew Andreini
Stylist Assistant:  Rebecca Brent

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