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Comedian Extraordinaire Kendra Cunningham

by devnym

Everyone agreed that one of the highlights of the 2021 Gala was the performance by this multi-talented, multi-layered lady who was so well placed amongst our other Power Women.

Such a busy lady that this Q&A was all we could squeeze into her tight schedule. That’s our (and your) loss!!

What inspired your first clothing line?
“I have always been a vintage clothes collector. During the pandemic, I made a t-shirt with my grandmother’s photo on it and every time I work it people asked me where I got it so I contacted my friend Stacy Igel who owns Boy
Meets Girl and asked for some advice. We ended up collaborating.”

You say your comedic goal is to get paid to write from your bed where you eat, sleep, and occasionally entertain. Have you reached this point yet?
“I guess I should have been more specific in how much want to get paid. Do I get paid to write from the comfort of my $3000 bed? Sometimes. But I want to make 6 figures from my written talent. I’m not there yet.”

What impact did Last Comic Standing have on your career?
It open my eyes to the business side of the craft.

What was the emotional experience writing “This Could Be You” given that the inspiration came from personal events?
This Could Be You gave me some closure. I had not talked to my father in many years when he passed away and I think I still had an open wound about it. Doing the solo show helped me to be more accepting of the facts of my life.

What is your dream venue to perform in?
I like theaters that have a history to them like the Orpheum in Boston or Kings in Brooklyn. I would also love to perform in a theater in Croatia or Mexico.

You’ve performed on Jimmy Fallon, The Tyra Banks Show and more, what has been your favorite performance to date?
One of my favorite comedy experiences was the Glasgow comedy festival in Scotland. a small eclectic group of comics in a fabulous city in a festival ran by great people! Jimmy Fallon was the first episode to air – I was in the blonde moms from Connecticut sketch. So fun!

Who is a comedian that you would like to work with in the future?
Wanda Sykes or Kathleen Madigan

What does it mean to you to be a woman in comedy?
Too much to write here 🙂

What is something you would like to write another web series on?
A self-help life coaching group that gets competitive

What’s next in your journey?
Write a memoir with writing prompts and affirmations.

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